Why invest in personal development? 10 proven ways to boost your career

Never give up- personal development

Are you continuously working on yourself? Personality development is the best gift to self – where change is the name of the game.

In today’s world, self-development is all about building your capacity, enhancing and fostering talent with new skills, transforming your weaknesses into strengths. It is a characteristic way of feeling, thinking and behaving. With commitment and consistent efforts, you can change your personality to become a best version of yourself.

Here is a Personality development framework for your reference.

Alternative framework:

A SWOT is a visual representation of your status and it acts as an effective tool in understanding yourself better. Agree that it is not as simple as it looks but helps you brainstorm, sort and assess yourself. However, the extent of your development always depends on your motivation to change more than the results of analysis. Go, give it a shot!

SWOT analysis framework for personal development

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Top 10 Personal Development courses to boost your career

1.Time management: To increase productivity it is important to stop multi-tasking. First plan deadlines and prioritise tasks. Make sure you get rid of distractions and focus with a fresh mind. It is important to set up reminders, track your progress and manage your stress in order to succeed.

2.Non-verbal communication: This element of communication is vital as it uses your physical behavior, voice, contact, expressions, mannerisms, gestures and postures. It has an impact. The response to your communication can result in repetition, contradiction, substitution, complimenting and accenting. It can be managed by learning to release your stress and developing emotional awareness.

3.Verbal communication: It is always necessary to think before you speak. Use clear language and small sentences to help others understand. It is highly recommended to ask questions to gain clarity and insights. Think with empathy and speak with authenticity.

4.Creative skills: These are the most essential skills when it comes to career building. This is how you make a difference with mastering tools to plan, develop and evaluate. Creating content, data visualisation, presentation and so on help you add great value to your day to day work.

5.Interpersonal skills: Qualities such as being flexible, encouraging others and showing empathy are building blocks of team building. By managing conflicts with diplomacy and lightheartedness, you can avoid disputes that can damage synergy or can clear the friction within your team. Public speaking, socialising and networking help in your career development.

6.Organisational skills: These are skills related to building structure and order, enhancing productivity and prioritising tasks. Internal organisational skills comprise of neatness, attention to detail and clear documentation. External skills include workflow management, task analysis, research and productivity.

7.Negotiation skills: In order to influence others, skills like expectation management, adaptability and persuasion play a significant role in the negotiation phase. It is good to have integrity to build trust and avoid over promising on the other hand. Negotiations are mainly divided into distributive and integrative types. These skills help you develop your career, secure a better role and meet critical business needs with the key- continuous practice.

8.Delegation skills: Being able to delegate effectively in a job is entirely dependent on trust. Through effective communication, performance evaluation and reinforcement, a manager or supervisor can build trust within the team. Few skills that enable you to delegate your tasks effectively are analysing problems without assigning blame, brainstorming, documenting, recognising and rewarding achievements, offering scope to innovation and possessing emotional stability.

9.Career redesign: Graduation, post-graduation, professional doctorate or a bridge course can definitely help you climb the professional ladder or hop onto something exciting in your career. But it is not always sufficient. Building your personality in order to match your goals is the trick that you have to master. Skills like entrepreneurship, project management and business strategy act as catalysts in your career redesign.

10.Lifestyle skills: Qualities such as taking responsibility, organisation, solving problems, being consistent and showing dedication are loved and embraced by all. They bring in positivity and harmony to your team. It is often considered that these are behavioural but these skills β€˜CAN’ be learnt.



Sowemimo Opeyemi- Semi senior associate at KPMG in Lagos, Nigeria

Sowemimo joined at KPMG as an intern in 2020 and was hired by another consulting firm in nearly 6 months with double the package. With consistent personal development, she was invited into KPMG for the role of a semi senior associate in a short span of 18 months.

Harry Bach- Data management officer at Immigration & citizenship in Toronto, Canada

Harry started as a data analyst in animal health sector after his post-graduation. He worked on his personal development consistently. With-in 2 years, he is working for a government organization in Canada.

Personal development is an investment and learning is a lifelong process. Self-improvement does not happen overnight. It happens slowly and deliberately. Consistency creates that incredibly meaningful change and it comes with a lifestyle. As George Eliot said, it is never too late to be who you might have been. YOU CAN WIN!

Excellent literature on Personal development

1.The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

2.The power of now by Eckhart Tolle

3.The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

4.Inspiring thoughts by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

5.You can win by Shiv Khera

6.How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

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