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Why choose the best eCommerce platform for start-ups/retailers?

eCommerce platform for retailors

In any form, shopping symbolizes a dynamic society, be it cathartic, luxury, or necessity; the trends of shopping ever-changing since its history that dates back decades. With the advancement of technology, there probably exists no end to the idea of shopping. In modern times, the trends are more exciting and plausibly interesting than we could ever imagine, thanks to the new technological possibilities. All our lives are transforming with the development of technology, and so is the way of shopping. Thus, to succeed, it is mandatory to choose the best eCommerce platform for start-ups and large-scale businesses. 

Do you want to know the future shopping trends? One can achieve this through the insight into retail and eCommerce that has changed incredibly in the present times and will continue in the years ahead.

How is the eCommerce market in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands ranks 16th amongst the countries, primarily known for their best eCommerce platform for start-ups and big businesses, thus generating a revenue of $28,934MN in 2021. It, however, is still consistently rising. With the emergence of new markets and the existing ones, there is a potential for further development. The growth concerning global businesses will keep on increasing in the coming years.

The market of eCommerce concerns the sale of goods by a business to a private user. This kind of shopping involves electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, etc. However, services like tickets for traveling, downloads, and streams from websites, online business to business marketing stores, and transactions between private consumers stand excluded from the notion of an eCommerce database.

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How unique are the best eCommerce platforms w.r.t.

The Netherlands is the hotbed for numerous contemporary online stores that sell housewares, furniture, and other essentials of serving the necessities of consumers. is a website that sports an array of 26000 vibrant gift items for household usage. With its service, fonQ has become a trendsetter inspiring other similar businesses with live gifts and products.

The incredible collection and unique designs of the products will add Xing to your life. The online store works with leading brands throughout the eCommerce platform in the Netherlands and is keen on taking up challenges on Europe’s eCommerce platform.

The profit generates through eCommerce sales within the Dutch territory. The adjacent countries ‘contribution is considerably less. Talking about the product range, a fair portion of the product sales comes through the “Furniture and home appliances.” not only sells housewares and furniture but provides you with valuable aesthetics to make your house a dreamy place to live. Starting from the renovation of the house, decoration during festivals, tips for furnishing a new house, moving, and packing to equipment to be carried along on camping, you can find all the valuable ideas in one place. It does not end here and dig into much more than you can ever imagine.

As per the latest news, besides the other payment options, has agreed to the usage of bitcoin. This acceptance might lead to an upsurge in the use of digital currency as fonQ is a part of the Netherlands’ second largest eCommerce company. 

Market size and growth rate of eCommerce in the Netherlands

We can expect the eCommerce market in the Netherlands to rise consistently with the advancing years. As forecasted by Statista, for the next four years the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of eCommerce will be 7%. As the 28% growth of the market over the consecutive years is considered, one can observe it as a mediocre market. 


E commerce in Netherlands

However, the online penetration of 73% specifies a market saturation in the Netherlands. To put it in a nutshell, 73% of the total Dutch population seems to have bought a minimum of one product or service from online stores that establish the Netherlands as one of the best eCommerce platforms for start-ups and big businesses.

Shop what you see, get an insight into the designs, peek into the eclectic interior designs by renowned artists, and make your life easier through the services availed of Delve deeper into the insights you can receive while seeking the best eCommerce platform for start-ups and other established businesses.