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Why are Dutch clothing manufacturing companies a viable choice in the clothing business?

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The Netherlands is one of the largest fashion hubs in the world, where you can shop till you drop! The country thrived on progressive thinking regarding all possible industries, including clothing, for centuries. Having earned the status of Bonafide Fashion hub, the Netherlands has been home to top-notch clothing fashion brands and manufacturers. The numbers suggest that the clothing business in the Netherlands comprises nearly 700 to 900 million pieces of textiles each year. There are significant reasons behind choosing the clothing manufacturing companies of the Netherlands, let’s ponder on them.

Is cloth manufacturing companies in the Netherlands a feasible option?

The Netherlands possesses a thoroughly consolidated chain of clothing production and a prolonged experience in the export and import of clothing. In the present era, though the in-country production has scaled down, the clothing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands own the provision of clothing production abroad. As a result, the companies manufacture clothing partly in the Netherlands and partly in other countries. The facts like

*Rotterdam with the largest port in Europe

*The domain of most of the start-ups in Europe

*An annual revenue increment of 6.9% in the fashion segment makes the Netherlands one of the most viable manufacturers in Europe and the world.

Entitled the Denim capital of the world, Amsterdam happens to be the leading mass producer of jeans for both men and women. The clothing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands, in the present era, are highly concentrated on producing clothes that possess high added value. Therefore, the emergence of high-end, modernized stitching technology, automated tensioning of material, and the definitiveness ensure the production of clothing that can compete in the international market. 

Since 2007, the value of clothing in the Netherlands has been steadily increasing with modernized technologies and revised government policies. The clothing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands concentrate primarily on the quality of the clothes, flexibility, prompt response, on-time delivery, and taking both the big and small size orders under consideration. 

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What is the size of the industry?

There is an extensive range of clothing options in the Netherlands. You sure can notice large chain stores and boutiques all around. Let alone the deluxe fashion outlets and trendy yet moderately priced ones. There happen to be approximately 2200 clothing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands, most of which are in big cities like Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Leiden, and Groningen.  

How big are the exports and imports?

Well, the clothing manufacturing companies in the Netherlands predominantly export a considerable quantity to the European countries. For instance, each year clothing worth 13 BN euros is imported, of which worth 10 BN euros is exported to other countries. The surplus value of 3 BN euros, however, is conveyed to the Dutch clothing market and the chain of retail shops. 

In 2019, the Netherlands imported clothes worth 10 BN euros that stand to 13% of the total clothing import in the European territory by value. According to the statistics of 2019, Dutch clothing is mainly exported to countries like the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, and the US while in terms of import the trading knot has been tied with China along with the other countries.

Revenue generated

The clothing market can be segregated into product lines exclusive of work attires and accessories. The Dutch clothing market earns revenue from the valuable fashion brands and the medium and small-sized brands, which conduct nationally and globally.

The Netherlands apparel market earned US$ 15,255 MN revenue in 2021 and should grow by 3.87 percent between 2021 and 2026. The Women’s clothing marked an incredible magnitude of US$ 9,267 MN.

As a result of their consistent expansion, the Dutch fashion brands and corporations might be participating in consultation and investment on the international level in the future. The Dutch clothing market supposedly will emerge as the torchbearer of the fashion world in a more eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

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