Knowledge Base Now Passive Income Where to self-publish eBooks? Know-how and be the trendsetter

Where to self-publish eBooks? Know-how and be the trendsetter

where to self-publish eBooks

Writing and publishing eBooks can be life-altering. If you are enthusiastic about having a passive income or want to leap into an author’s career, writing eBooks is just the right thing you can begin. While committing an eBook to paper, you unlatch to yourself an opportunity to reach out to potential customers. A promising eBook can deliver immense knowledge or a solution to problems. As an author, you ultimately set a goal for yourself to offer the target audience something precious. Now the question is where to self-publish eBooks? In this article, we will pilot you through the procedure of publishing, earning, and the benefits availed of writing and publishing eBooks. 

How beneficial is publishing eBooks for brand success?

eBooks require more diligence than standard blog posts so, they can be extremely beneficial in branding businesses.

Choose a comprehensive topic

Social posts can be short and enticing but, when it’s about writing in-depth on a subject, eBooks are a perfect choice. Seeking an amusing way to interact through eBooks can be an exemplary technique to connect with consumers. A good eBook must not only have well-formatted but visually compelling content so that when interested people download your book, they find it standing out amongst competitors.

Exhibit proficiency

Like paperbacks, eBooks contain numerous informative pages. But readers will associate with your brand if they find value in the information extracted from your content. Therefore, it is essential to exhibit proficiency in a subject that will establish you as a trusted brand to solve future problems.

Remodel your content

A wealth of knowledge is exhibited in an eBook. It allows you to remodel the content in the future when you want resources to maintain the flow of the content. Once you have it in position, restructure it suitably and seek where to self-publish eBooks.

Attract traffic

Self-publishing free eBooks covering the trending topics in the industry can attract immense traffic to your website. Backlinking properly to landing pages can provide your customers with an insight into the brand and services they can avail of.

Create a platform

Whether publicized or not, every brand has its emblem. Voice your brand and its values in your eBook for reaching out to the customers who can associate with your services.

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How to publish an eBook on Amazon KDP and earn from it?

There are numerous ways to self-publish eBooks online, and in the process earn passively from it. With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, the writers can publish their work without any hindrances or midway channel. Amazon KDP can create a steady source of income but substantialize it you need to voice your eBook. But one cannot expect overnight success regarding such a venture. For example, one of the mystery novel writers who initiated self-publishing in 2011 earned as good as $1.4MN by 2016.

While self-publishing with Amazon KDP, it is not essential to write epics. You can begin with writing non-lengthy, non-labor consuming eBooks focused on a trending topic and price them low. It has been observed that books priced between $2.99 and $9.99 are most likely to generate the most sales revenue. Amazon made self-publishing easier for the novice with the KDP program that does not impose any hidden cost on the users. And guess what, you don’t even require an Amazon account.

Advantages to be availed of self-publishing at Amazon KDP

The KDP program comes with a plethora of advantages:

  • You can copyright and set prices for your self-published eBooks

  • Your book gets uploaded in as little as 5 minutes and will be put on sale by Amazon in 24-48 hours.

  • For each copy of eBooks sold, you receive a royalty of 70%, while the remaining goes to Amazon.

  • It is possible to make changes to the articles whenever deemed necessary.

Wrapping up

Marketing the self-published eBooks can be overwhelming at times. Earning money through this can be a number game. You can either write one eBook, set it at a higher price, and struggle for months to sell it, or write shorter but engaging books, priced low, and earn passively per month. Strategizing self-publish can help you with marketing and there comes the role of Amazon KDP.

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