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Affiliate Marketing: Where to find affiliate sellers?

Where to find Affiliate Sellers | Affiliate Marketing

E-commerce total shares of retail sales grew more than 4.5% in just one year. After Covid-19 hit and continues to break through traditional brick and mortar sales. With the growth of ecommerce it directly plays a competitive role. With this the paid ads started getting expensive. 


Even as the trend settles back to its usual pace of roughly 1% growth per year, e-commerce is projected to account for nearly 1 in 4 retail sales by 2024. We’re seeing more businesses take their storefronts online, as well as an increased blending between offline and online retail experiences and cross-channel services.


So it’s important to know the trends and start positioning your business to take advantage of them now!



🛒 s-Commerce / Social Commerce 

The intersection between social media and e-commerce is social commerce. Online retail sales that occur directly on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat etc. 


In the United States, buyers are getting more comfortable making purchases on social media sites. Social media is used to learn about products and then click through on ads or organic post links to buy on a third-party website or e-commerce store. With this social commerce rise in social media advertising costs has been noticed.


🛒 m-Commerce / Mobile Commerce: 

 As the number of mobile commerce activity rises, statistics also show that emerging markets like Southeast Asia are increasingly adopting mobile devices and accessing the internet for the first time. The first-time buyers are getting on the internet via mobile and bypassing desktop altogether.  As can be seen in the United States, desktop traffic converts roughly 0.4% more than mobile traffic.

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Affiliate marketing is trendy and easy money making online business trends in 2022. With big companies outsourcing their marketing services with affiliation. Eventually various methods of affiliation have been introduced in the market. As a beginner it’s overwhelming to choose and start. Companies like click bank have come up with affiliate marketing websites where the advertisers can sell the products for affiliation and buyers can make deals for affiliate marketing.


Dive into Clickbank Affiliate Marketing:


ClickBank is a trusted ecommerce tools, a global affiliate marketplace, and industry. That is leading in support, education and everything you need to build with confidence.


It is the world leader in performance marketing of digital products, with over six million clients and distribution in 190 countries. Entrepreneurs everywhere use our powerful online and mobile e-commerce platform to build a vibrant business across popular lifestyle categories. Top performing product categories seen on the platform are fitness, sports, health, self help, ebusiness, home, and garden. 

How does Affiliate Marketing programs work at Clickbank?


Click bank has Quality Products with High Commissions, Accurate tracking, Dedicated support, Training and Reliable Payments method.

1️⃣ Promote high-quality products that you personally find interesting and would consider purchasing. Believing in the value of a product will make you better at promoting it, both because your promotional efforts will be more believable. You’ll have a better understanding of what draws potential customers to that product in the first place. Try promoting products you feel passionate about, instead of only promoting products that are popular with everyone else.

2️⃣ Be flexible about your techniques, and be willing to make changes if something isn’t working.

Different techniques work for different types of products, so what worked for you in the past may not work in the future. The business of affiliate marketing changes very quickly, so you always need to be ready to adjust to market trends, new products, and other unforeseen circumstances.

3️⃣ No spamming!

There are a number of reasons not to spam other people with affiliate promotions. And let’s be honest, no one likes being spammed. ClickBank takes complaints of spamming very seriously, and we will suspend or terminate accounts if we determine that they are associated with spamming.


What are the payment methods?

Two types of payment methods are available for choosing. This depends on the type of how you are strategizing and your business that you are promoting.

Revenue Sharing

💲Get Paid a Percentage of Each Sale

💲Earn More Cash With Upsells

💲Generate Recurring Revenue With Rebills

Cost Per Action (CPA)

💲Get Paid a Set Dollar Amount

💲Scale Faster With Ad Spend

💲Earnings Guaranteed (no refunds)

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Different types of joint venture along with affiliation marketing


Joint venture contracts let ClickBank vendors and affiliates partner with other people to share revenue in a variety of ways. This allows for a wide array of business relationships to be formed via the ClickBank platform.

There are 4 main contract types of contracts available inside of ClickBank to accommodate a wide variety of business models, and we’ve highlighted 3 of them here to give an idea of what’s possible:


Traditional Joint Venture Contract

This joint venture contract (also known as a JV contract) allows a product seller to give a portion of their earnings from a sale to another client. Contract owners can share revenue with up to five other parties. Common contract partners include: partners, copywriters, designers, customer service managers, virtual assistants, product developers, etc.


Joint Venture Upsell

The joint venture upsell (also known as JV upsell) allows a seller to upsell another seller’s product and split the proceeds of the sale however they wish. The seller who owns the product or products to be included creates the contract and the seller who owns the PitchPlus upsell flow approves the contract.

Affiliate Referral Contract

An affiliate referral contract allows a seller to share a portion of their earnings with an affiliate manager or joint venture broker who referred to the affiliate that led to a particular sale.

Affiliate Joint Venture Contract

An affiliate joint venture contract allows two or more affiliates to share the affiliate commission on a sale. When setting up the contract, the split can either apply to all affiliate commissions, or only apply to sales from specific sellers

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