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What say FITNESS- a routine or an exciting experience?

With effective choices, we can change the way we work out in today’s busy life. The ability of a human body to carry out various types of daily activities without being tired is called fitness. Sound health depends on the most important fitness factors such as strength, speed, elongation, agility and flexibility of our body. Fitness helps in building a personality, developing social and moral values and thereby contributing to our social interaction.

Types of workout

1. Cardio training

Cardio training elevates your heart rate to a level higher than the resisting one. It includes aerobic and anaerobic types.


In aerobic, you have brisk walking, swimming, activities that involve deep cleaning or gardening, running, cycling and playing. This improves cardio vascular health, lowers your blood pressure, reduces chronic pain and aids sleep. It definitely helps in regulating your weight, strengthening your immune system and mood boosting.


Sprints, weight lifting, plyometrics like jump squats and hops, isometrics, High intensity interval training like Tabata workout.

2. Sports

Science confirms that playing sports is an excellent way to improve your health and fitness. It makes you happier and helps in losing your weight. Thus, it exposes you to winning and losing which in turn makes you confident. Sport definitely enhances your sleep quality. Team sports like basketball, hockey or soccer act as amazing outlets. They balance high quality intensity training while adding a ton of fun and social element into your mix.

3. Weight training

The most important outcome of muscle training is hypertrophy where your muscles get enlarged by increasing size of cells in muscle fibre. The maximum amount of force that a muscle exerts in a single effort is called muscular strength. Bearing this tension over your muscles is a wonderful ability and it is called muscular endurance.

4. Flexibility training

Musculoskeletal health is more than being able to touch your own feet without bending your knees. Static, Dynamic, Passive, Active, Ballistic, PNF are different types of flexibility exercise.


Regular practice of Yoga helps in mobilising your joints, stretching your ligaments and strengthening your muscles. There are several types of Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the mother of all the Yoga practices. It is slow paced and it focuses in meditation and relaxation. Vinyasa Yoga requires you to breathe and move and it emphasises on creating flow of postures such as Suryanamaskara, balancing poses, bends and seated poses which always end with Savasana. Iyengar yoga involves props like straps and blankets that coordinate in stability, flexibility and strength. Bikram yoga is a challenging one that is performed in a sauna like hot environment. Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Anusara and Yin are few more varieties here.


When your goal is to relieve your stress through workout, pilates has your back. Classical, Mat, Reformer, Contemporary, Stott and Winsor are the famous styles. From releasing neck and back pressure to burning calories and losing weight, pilates covers everything. Foam rolling with lacrosse balls for trigger points is another form of mobility work.

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Preparing ourselves for an exercise program and eventually adopting a healthier lifestyle requires lots of preparation and perseverance. Here are a few steps to guide you through the process based on the book- Concepts of Fitness and Wellness

Step by step fitness plan

Importance and gains

1. Immunity: There is compelling link between body’s defense system and physical activity. In the current scenario of COVID 19 crisis, Immunity speaks for itself. The healthier and fit you are, the lower your risk of falling ill. Your workout improves your metabolic health.

2. Mental health: Exercise can improve your sense of control, self-esteem and coping ability. People with a regular fitness regimen are often optimistic, confident and relaxed.

An all-round fitness plan


For long-term significant fitness gains, a home training with two pairs or dumbbells, mat and resistance bands do not substitute gyms and fitness studios. To improve your movement, mobility and strength you need full body workout. Exercises such as row and pull-up, deadlift, back squat, overhead press, chest press and more rotational movements form a strong basis. You must master them and for that you need good equipment.


An all-in-one fitness club membership for 30-110 euros a month is way more effective than 10K plus euros cost and space that you require to set up a well-rounded home workout space.

Club experience: OneFit (Gyms and Studios)

As we all say, variety is the spice of life. Similarly, your fitness regimen surpasses the boredom of routine and also helps you develop an all-round physical experience. So, are you aware of sweat and joy lifestyle? You do not have to sign any contracts, it is accessible wherever you are and most importantly enjoy more than 1000 workout varieties in one app. For an exciting fitness experience filled with your custom workout rhythm and variety, join Onefit.

Malou at Onefit club

Here is one for businesses:

Wondering what to gift to your employees for this Christmas and new year- Offer them a OneFit sports subscription so they stay active and healthy.

Wrap up 

Follow any fitness regimen, always make sure you allow your body to recover and rest for at least one or two days a week. Similarly, remember to fuel properly with good nutrition and stay hydrated to maximize performance and reap benefits of your ‘perfect’ fitness plan.

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