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Creating Vlogs can be a good CAREER option

Making of vlogs

Did you know what Vlogs actually means? 


Vlog = Video logs or Video blogs 


Vlogs can deliver deep context through imagery as opposed to written blogs.


Vlogging is not new. It’s been around since back in the early 2000s. It’s viral nature is part of what makes it so easy to share and so appealing to its audience. It also makes it very easy to track. The costs of producing these videos can be scaled to fit in with all sorts of projects. Companies, organizations, and individuals have been incorporating vlogging into their outreach strategies since the Internet and communication forms too off. As a result, there are plenty of vlogging jobs for different industries like beauty, technology, finance, architecture etc. A vlogger can select their own specialty, like news, politics, comedy, and work for a company doing video logging for the industry that it is in.

Vlogging is a sustainable business model. Therefore its encouraged by the local government too in the Netherlands. You can be a self employed entrepreneur as a vlogger and register as a full time freelancer.  You can as well  be eligible for tax deductions and allowances, such as the Small Business Scheme (KOR).

Vlogs categories with ideas


Personal Vlogs

The personal vlog is an online video which records an individual to deliver information that they intend to introduce to people. The audience is not as varied as one’s from corporations or organizations. 


Example : Recordings of daily life and lifestyle, work with me recordings etc.

Live broadcasting Vlogs

Live broadcasting is another popular format where live events of special days are recorded live. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram also have options for recording live. 

Example : Birthday parties, Weddings, Music release etc.


Informative Vlogs

Video Blog that is designed to educate the viewer about a particular subject. It varies from different industries from companies’ products to consumer products. 


Example: Cooking channels, Travel vlogs, Shopping experiences, Gaming cheat sheets etc. 


Educational Vlogs

Vlogs that give knowledge about certain subjects, topics from what it is to how to use them and best practices.


Example: Cosmetic products, craft videos, how to prepare for an entrance exam in 5 days (recordings of all 5 days routine and tips) etc. 


Bereavement Vlogs

Video Blog that is designed to express feelings of loss, grief, and mourning.

Example: Bad reviews, Incident recordings etc.


Conversational Vlogs

Video Blog designed to be formal and create a civil discussion.

Example: Conversation with celebrity, debating on topics etc.


Review Vlogs

Recordings by review of various products and services by certain businesses.

Example:  Experiences of food in a restaurant, camera reviews by shooting outdoor etc.


Music and Dance Vlogs

Playing music in your own style and creativity. Dance tutorials and dancing with trending music

Example:  Playing trending music on different instruments, dancing show from practice, the makeup to stage performance etc.

How to become a vlogger?


💡You need a good concept or new concept.

🎯Target the audience for your idea.

🖊️The rest is on you, that is your skills, creativity and budget.


Most successful Vloggers are full-time self-employed individuals.

  • Freelancers who are self employed and do most of the work themselves or outsource part of their work such as video editing or marketing to third parties. They either write individually or as part of a team. After a script is written, the vloggers set up their computer equipment, lighting, and anything else necessary for them to produce videos.

  • Contractors are professionals who are responsible to make videos for Businesses or Organizations. To do this means gathering information and researching about whatever organization or company they are going to present in their videos, and do it in a way that is unique.

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Skills a vlogger should develop for successful vlogs


Creativity: In the career as a vlogger, individuals should be capable of producing unique, innovative or out of box concepts. Uniqueness gives the audience’s psychological and entertainment demands. Whereas being Creative involves recognizing significantly how a vlog satisfies an audience’s requirement. 

Communication and decision skills: In the career as a vlogger, individuals should be able to interact efficiently with the viewers. Depending on the niche or category of the vlog the vlogger should be able to give insights to the viewers with as much clarity as possible.  Also individuals should have the capability to make a decision that enables one to evaluate every situation.

Analytical skills: The vlogging market is evolving with the emergence of digital platforms, new technology, paid promotions and more accepting audiences. Apart from making creative vlogs it is essential that a vlogger is able to evaluate his viewer’s preferences and assess their institution’s most effective approaches. 

Marketing skills: This places an important part in the competitive world therefore promoting on various social media platforms and using good SEO knowledge must be developed. This can be either done by learning or outsourcing to contractors.

 Top 10 Trending vlogs ideas:


Top 10 trending Vlog Ideas

Where can you upload your Vlogs?

Most popular platform for Vlogging is YouTube, then comes Daily Motion, Vimeo. Recently Social media became popular with vlogs such as Facebook and Instagram.

How much can you earn ?

Vloggers earn around minimum of 50$ to 10,000$ cost per month. Whereas Top Vloggers are making up to US$10,000 per minute of video.

Do you need a degree to be a vlogger?

The degree programs available today haven’t yet added a lot of focus on vlogging. However, there is still formal schooling available for computers, film and technology, that can be very beneficial to anyone who wants to start their own vlogging career. There may be some place that offers video blogging classes to their curriculum as an elective. As an individual, if you were interested in starting a career in vlogging, you could also try to locate some independent non-credit classes that teach video blogging at a privately owned school or a technical school.


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Vlogs Fun facts: 

Guinness World Record

Charles Trippy, under the Internet Killed Television YouTube channel, currently holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Consecutive Daily Personal Video Blogs Posted On YouTube,” with over 3,000 consecutive videos.


Longest running blog

On January 2, 2000, Adam Kontras posted a video alongside a blog entry aimed at informing his friends and family of his cross-country move to Los Angeles in pursuit of show business, marking the first post on what would later become the longest-running video blog in history

 Highest paid vlogger earnings

Highest paid vlogger brought in a minimum of $720,000 for the year.

Highest paid Vlogger

As of June 2020, it was estimated that nine-year old Ryan Kaji (Ryan ToysReview) was ranked first as top-earning YouTuber worldwide with earnings of approximately 29.5 million U.S. dollars during the measured period.


Too curious here are list of interesting facts for you

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