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Unwind with the Current events in the Netherlands 2021

Events are getaways through a rainbow of hope and happiness for melancholic souls and occupied minds. The year 2021 is all set to make a hasty exit to a brand-new year again, a year full of hopes, happiness, a new beginning, and everything in an exclusive manner. Events have been a great source for unwinding from our regular affairs and the events in the Netherlands 2021 are already here to make the commencing new year a little more hopeful and freer from woes and worries.  

Delve into the details of Current events in the Netherlands 2021

Where? How? When? These questions must be inundating your minds having heard of events that provide you with a break from all the hustles and bustles you are living. This article uncovers the events in the Netherlands 2021. So, dig into the details and choose for yourselves the ones you want to attend.

In Cuyp’s Light (3rd October 2021- 6th March 2022, Location: Dordrecht Museum)

Admire a jubilee exhibition of the 17th-century legendary Dutch landscape painter Aelbert Cuyp beside the masterpieces of English painters William Turner, Thomas Gainsborough, and John Constable. Retrospect the pastoral golden hue of the landscapes, a magnificent creation of the Dutch artist from Dordrecht.

Amsterdam Dance event (13th October 2021- 17th October 2021, Location: Top-notch venues of Amsterdam including Amsterdam Arena, RAI Amsterdam, Melkweg, AFAS live)

Reckoned to be the biggest dance event, Amsterdam Dance Event presents the biggest platform where you can dance your heart out to the rocking beats and electronic music of the best DJs for five days at a stretch. 

Oktoberfest Soerendonk (16th- 18th October 2021, Location: 15 De Branten, 6027 Soerendonk)

For those who love socializing events in the Netherlands 2021, this festival is where you can find good company and taste the atmosphere. Oktoberfest Soerendonk is a beer festival where the exquisite taste of drinks from brewers of Germany and the Netherlands come together to provide a tasteful atmosphere.

Dutch Design Week (16th-24th October 2021, Location: Eindhoven)

Having garnered global fame, Dutch Design Week by Eindhoven is an exquisite event displaying avant-garde designs. Behold the intricate works of the professionals or attend lectures and workshops. The event is worth a visit physically or virtually.

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Japan light and food festival (11th -12th December 2021, Location: Rotterdam Ahoy)

Fancy a walk under illuminated cherry blossom or tickle your taste buds with Japanese delicacies? This event brings you a plethora of Japanese food, culture, and LED objects. Choose a time slot to match your schedule and enjoy a beautiful evening with family and friends.


Amsterdam Marathon (17th October 2021, Location: Amsterdam)

Have a penchant for sports? Well, Amsterdam Marathon is your platform where you can choose to touch the finishing line 42kms ahead in the Olympic stadium or run 8kms accompanied by several fellow participants. Take your kids and let them enjoy the exciting run with you. 

Rotterdam Marathon (23rd -24th October 2021, Location: Rotterdam)

Surpass your running record or be a spectator in world-class events in the Netherlands 2021 where new participants establish world records every year. 

Affordable Art Fair (27th -31st October 2021, Location: Amsterdam)

Purchase the charming and original works of upcoming and celebrated artists in a unique and welcoming atmosphere where you do not have to drill your pocket to pay the bill. The Affordable Art Fair offers a childcare unit, thus making it easier for you to mull upon your choice or visit the workshop.

Crossing Border, The Hague (4th- 6th November 2021, Location: The Hague)

Enriched with music, literary works, visual arts, and bioscopes, Crossing Border the Hague has carved a niche over 30 years. Find the best international and upcoming entertainers at the festival amongst the other events in the Netherlands 2021. 

Museum Night Amsterdam (6th November 2021, Location: Amsterdam)

How would it be if museums offered eatables, drinks, and musical performances? Yes, that is what Amsterdam Museum Night is all about. The events in the Netherlands 2021 welcome you to the tours and workshops in the big and small museums of Amsterdam until the early hours of the day. 

GLOW Eindhoven (6th-13th November 2021, Location: Eindhoven)

A free open space spectacular event that will leave you astonished. GLOW Eindhoven is the tie-up between national and international artists and technical university students to inspire and drive you towards the light. 

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Halloween (4th October- 4th November 2021, Location: Varied places in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht)

Halloween is not quite significant in the Netherlands, yet varied places organize Halloween parties and Museum nights where you can get the essence of the festival. 

Where to buy tickets for current events in the Netherlands 2021?

Tickets for the various events are available online. The links to the official websites in our article can get you to your desired current events in the Netherlands 2021 in seconds. 


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