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Mending bike easier with innovative bicycle tubes bicycle tubes make mending easy

Enthralled by motorists and cars, the Netherlands encountered a lot of unprecedented accidents back in the 1960s. The piling up cases of traffic deaths and fierce activism transformed the Dutch country into a cycling nirvana of this era. With the prominent use of bicycles, the business flourished. The storming bicycle business not only increased the sale of bikes but the parts that contributed to a better and faster source of mobility. Present-day, all the nooks and corners of the Netherlands has shops that sell bicycle tubes, wheels, and structure that can be bought and assembled to customize a bicycle of one’s choice. With the extensive options online and in the shops customizing your bike will be nothing but a child’s play.

Why choose for buying the best bicycle tubes?

Based in Germany “” is a company where buying innovative bicycle tubes can be the best choice. Flat tires can be a spoilsport in your plan while cruising through the streets of Germany or the Netherlands, where cycling is the prime source of commuting. 

For an inexperienced, mending a flat tire can cost a lot of labor and time as removing parts and dismantling require more tools than one can expect. But, at the end of all the effort, you are left with is a broken bike and dirty hands. has made the riding experience optimal by launching tubes which has two ends. This innovative design has increased the possibility of changing the bicycle tubes without removing the chaincase or other parts. And all of this within just 5 minutes.

Moreover, you can avail yourself the advantages like

  • A product of excellent material quality

  • Convenience for electric bikes and low power pedelecs

  • Parts remain installed while changing the tube

  • Reduced trade cost

  • Ease of repair and assembly

The Gaadi bicycle tubes are award-winning in the true sense that they are the winner of the “Euro bike awards 2013” in the category of the best quality and design. They also won the “Fiets Innovative Award” in the Netherlands in the innovative technique category.

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Attributes of the best inner bicycle tubes



Is purchasing a bicycle inner tube on your mind? Are you thinking of changing the punctured bicycle inner tubes that are beyond the state to repair anymore? Do you feel secure carrying spare bicycle tubes when on an outing? In all the mentioned circumstances, “” can be your savior. 



The bicycle tubes are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the bicycle and valves installed. Check the material before buying, as the strength of the inner tubes might vary as well. While purchasing tubes for road bicycles, one should choose narrower and smaller inner tubes. But, for mountain bikes, broader and bigger inner tubes are the best.



How can be the replacement of bicycle tubes?



The Gaadi bicycle tubes are so handy that you can at ease shove them in the saddlebag and you are ready to whoosh away. Now you can avoid getting stalled at the bicycle repair shops when there is a flat tire. The convenient geometric design perfectly fits in to meet ends and form an impeccable connection. Let’s check how easily you can replace a worn-out tube.

All that you need is a tire lever and an inflator. You can use the tire lever to loosen the tire from the rim just on one side and remove the worn-out tube from the jacket. In the following step, you need to put the Gaadi tube inside the casing without inflating and secure the valve with nuts. It is to ensure that the inner tube does not get twisted during the insertion. Conclude the whole process by putting the tire back to its original shape and inflating it. Voilà!! You just repaired a bicycle all by yourself.



Groove up with each ride and remain free from worries as flat tires can no longer keep you from all the adventures you planned on the most favorite bike.



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