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Intriguing ideas of future online banking with BUNQ

online baking made safer

Digitalization and technological innovations ought to be the core of the banking sector in recent days and many years going forward. As we all know, online banking involves accessing one’s account and carrying out financial transactions through electronic devices connected to some source of the internet. 

Banks employ various precautionary measures to safeguard their client’s accounts. These involve enciphered websites, proper logouts, and other processes related to authentication. Bunq is one such platform that not only lives up to save your money but provides you with a lot of unique features that no other public financial institution pondered on to date.

Current trends of online banking

Invention flows in, where necessity lies. The problems faced by online banking have brought out incredible changes in the digitalization process. The current crisis resulted in the remote working trend, on one hand, while on the other they are offering smooth accessibility to banking services and a wide range of products.

In years to come, current and future trends will impact online banking. But what will be the trends? Let’s dive into more details.

Structured data

The development of technologies results in the accumulation of data within a banking system. Nowadays, banks have structured intelligent ways of extracting valuable data for logical structuring. It will eventually lead to better bonding with customers as offers tailored to customers’ needs, hassle-free communication, and personalized services come into play.

The emergence of neo banks

As global digitalization came into being, the necessity for physical banks has become obsolete. A fair number of customers refrain from visiting the branches. Therefore, the emergence of Neo banks. Bunq is one such digital organization that provides its customers the offer for significant savings associated with and customized terms in the online banking ground.

Strengthening Open banking system

The open banking system has spurred the development of financial apps and organizations. We are aware of and have been using various financial apps in the market. The banks earn from renting out their APIs to these apps. The customers, in turn, derive benefits by switching between the wealth of services offered.

The vibrancy of app design

People of varying demography use banking apps for their purposes. Therefore, vibrant designs, gamification, and animated characters are used in the apps to engage the users and deliver a unique user experience.

Documentation without paper

As the remote working structure came into being, paper documentation is undergoing abandonment to a great extent. Modernized banks encourage their customers to carry out financial transactions without exiting the online banking platform. With this regard, electronic signatures, biometrics, and security tools found immense use.

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Why choose Bunq over a bank?

The customers prioritize a secure and trustworthy place to keep our hard-earned money. But we want the process to be simple, safe, and less time-consuming. A hint of technology to all of these brings out a winner. Using Bunq you are,

Free to make a choice

With Bunq, you choose where to invest. They invest in green companies and secure zones and not illicit investing arenas like gambling or toxic stuff.

A trustworthy bank of today and tomorrow 

For over 35 years, Bunq has been proudly ensuring its customer’s safe transactions, insured by Dutch National Bank’s Deposit Guarantee Scheme of a lumpsum €100,000.

CO2 free environment in 2years or less

The launch of the Easy Green project proves that Bunq is committed to working towards the betterment of the environment. How? Well, in exchange for €100 spent through any card issued by Bunq, the Super Green users are committed to planting a new life, a tree. And guess what, there is no effort required from the customer’s side except for minimum expenditure.

Remain debt-free

Services like loans or credits are not inclusive of services provided by Bunq. So, there exists no question of you emptying your pockets to pay off your debts. Save, and spend from whatever you got within limits. It is possible to save easily through a maximum of 25 subaccounts and the autosave option.

Exclusively for ex-pats

Good news for ex-pats in the Netherlands! It is quite likely to have complex financial questions regarding your investment and savings but being a non-Dutch, you can choose not to be acquainted with the language. So, the Bunq app operates in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, French, and Dutch for ease of interaction.

Easy signing up process

Migrating to a new country is not quite an easy job. You have a lot on your plate to stress. Therefore, Bunq makes the process easier by not asking for all your documents at once for sanctioning. You do not require to provide even the BSN number at once.

Transfer and save

Earning abroad we always have money-transfer in our minds. To make the process simpler, Bunq enables you to transfer money in 39 currencies without imposing charges. Compared to other banks, you can save 3% on each transaction made.

 Freeze it yourself

While whooping it up on holidays it is not uncommon to lose your travel card in transport, bars, or restaurants. Though it will not grow any pleasant, it is possible to freeze the transactions through the app. You can even make your card operative or inoperative while traveling places.

Bunq together at your service

Figuring out everything in a new country can arise questions in your mind, both weird and logical. You might not feel it is the right approach to forward them to customer care. Therefore, the emergence of Bunq together. In this community, you can ask your fellow customers about your doubts and get them clarified or yourself be a solution provider. After all, who doesn’t want to rank up?


Features of Bunq

Reap immensely out of investments

The banks exist because they make money from the customer’s investment. But the customers are not aware of where their money is getting invested. The return received is also negligible. Joining hands with Bunq will not only help you reap nine times more interest than general banks, but you can earn the same rate of interest in all your individual 25 accounts.

Be it online banking or bunqing, the aim is not only to safeguard your money but to make your life easy, save your precious time and make the financial transactions a little more fun and interesting.

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