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How to leverage earning with stock photos?

Stock photos to generate better side income

Photography is a pause to the moment we are living right now; just a snap to freeze our favorite spectacle and keep them safe for cherishing throughout life. Sometimes you can only realize the beauty of a split-second when it transforms into a memory in a photograph. We need not be a celebrated shutterbug to capture something even an amateur with a little aesthetic can do with a camera embossed in any electronic device. Make memories as a personal collection or upload them as stock photos enabling others to use them for commercial purposes and earn from them.

Creative ways to earn money through photography

Pondering on how to transform passion into a source of income? Photography is no more a hobby. In the present time, it is taken up as a full-time or part-time job by most people. The Internet has dug out a wealth of opportunities for photographers to find a job, in which clicking and selling a piece of artwork seems possible while staying in the comfort of home. The following points illustrate how you can earn money through photography:

  • Selling the captures as stock photos for an additional fortune on websites like Dreamstime. It is better to keep the enchanting collection concealed in your hard drive.

  • Keep yourself updated about the current events in town. No matter it’s a traditional festival, local gathering, or a fair, go around and seek the ineffable stories reflected in the expressions, actions, and interactions and document them on your device to sell later.

  • Aid bloggers and local enterprises. High-resolution imageries are extensively used by bloggers, to gain and engage traffic to their content. Try reaching out to the fashion, travel, and lifestyle bloggers for a start. Whether artists, restaurants, hotels, or weddings, average photos are not considered worthy. It is here that showing your Xing can earn you money.

  • Put the photography skills to use on family occasions and ceremonies.

Amateur or pro you can also be a photorapher

How to earn potentially through stock photos on

The potentiality of stock photos is well known in terms of earning. Stock photography is clicking quality pictures, uploading the images on the websites like, and waiting for purchasers. This process works wonders to boost your earning and determine the efficacy of your pictures.

Now, it is to determine the right approach and places which would serve your purpose. Once you have an understanding and a significant number of photos to upload, seek other opportunities.

If you consider selling photos online, choose to introduce additional formats for the selected imageries like a clipping mask, vector files for demonstration, and non-edited image files from the camera that are purchased at a higher credit value and lure purchasers into an additional stock photo subscription.

Uploading photos through efficient stock agencies like can fetch you instant rewards like a percentage of commission on each credit, elevated position of your photos in search results, huge royalty per image on every subscription or download by users.

Check for the availability of a license extension on the website where you are uploading photos.

When it comes to selling stock photos through Dreamstime.comtry to promote your images or images by your fellow shutterbugs with the aid of affiliate links. These links would help you earn when any purchaser makes a credit through them.

Click here:

Work on getting your monthly assignments accepted by that help in generating considerable revenue. These assignments will gain votes from the other photographers in a photo contest, where there is a possibility of earning a cash amount of $300, $200, and $100 when ending up amongst the first three places.

The annotations used for the images matter a lot for getting noticed by a buyer. Investing time in the selection of appropriate titles, keywords, and descriptions can yield dividends and enhance the potentiality of sales. Using crisp and meaningful descriptive text and the insertion of keywords to describe the attributes of the images are extremely important to earn profusely from them.

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How much can you expect to earn from stock photos at Dreamstime?


As a BBB accredited A+ website, Dreamstime conducts business on both the ends of purchasers and contributors. The minimum pay-off threshold on Dreamstime is $100, which one can receive through Skrill, Payoneer, mailed cheques, and PayPal.


The payment structure of Dreamstime follows five levels where the dedicated contributors can earn approximately 25-50% from every transaction in the form of commission. It would result in $0.35-$12.24 for every royalty-free stock photo download. You can earn $40.80 in a minute by just extension of the license. To one’s surprise, as a contributor, you receive $0.20 on every uploaded and accepted picture.


You can even become a partner of Dreamstime by sharing your affiliate link on social media pages, own blogs, or friends. In doing so, you righteously receive 10% of the gross credit of those who use your link for a stipulated period of three years. It applies to both purchasers’ and contributors’ ends.


Give it a shot, and never regret it! It does not matter if you are new to the photography industry or seeking a legitimate stock photo agency; the contributor program of Dreamstime will provide you with a lot of value and ways to have an extra income.

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Image credit: Unsplash