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How to earn a passive income through your ART?

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Are you looking for passive/side income? Are you an artist or doodler? Do you want to make your hobby into income?Or you want to start a career ? You are interested in becoming an artist. You are lucky to be reading this article.


If you are an artist then it’s awesome. If not, maybe you are the kind of person who draws every day. Like doodling on a phone on their commute. Or on paper when you are on the phone. Or drawing with their fingers on wooden surfaces when they’re bored. Trying to get the stress out yourself by scribbling into an amazing art.You derive great pleasure from simple sketches.

 Many people don’t realize just how talented they are. Are you this kind of person, then you must surely turn your hobby into income. Who knows where you’re lucky in other directions. It may be that your hobby income becomes your primary income.

Or be a crypto billionaire by selling one art piece sale on the internet.

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Some are born to be artists.But this isn’t always true. If the passion for drawing exists within, you can become an artist too.You can be an artist in your own way and own style.


 What makes it art, is that it’s unique. It’s special. It stands out. Don’t shun away from the artist YOU ARE just because nobody has recognized you as one.

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There are many ways on how to earn passive income as a digital artist 

  • Digital Art designer on website Redbubble

  • Freelancer artist

  • Handcraft to sell your art on Etsy

  • Open you own art business

If you are looking to be a better artist then check out this Make money as an artist



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Redbubble has uncommon designs by over 700,000 independent artists, printed just for you on a variety of awesome things.From hobbyists to pros, all the artists share their brilliant works so that you can find incredible art of all styles in one place.

The designs are then taken care of by turning that artwork into usable, wearable, hangable pieces. Whenever and whenever you place an order, it’s delivered safely. And what makes it most unique is that redbubble doesn’t keep inventory. Everything you make is made just as you asked for.

You can gift your loved ones with unique gifts by adding some of your magic artistic skills and ola awesome surprise gifts are made just like this one below.


Or you can create your own brand with design products for your business. Or sell the products on your website as a business.

How to make sales through Redbubble?

If you are looking to be a better artist or a pro? Develop your artistic skills. We have listed some sites for you to explore. 

If you want to be an artist don’t understand how to start with it? You can start your art career. Check out this blog to make art in your daily routine by practice or learning. How can you start with the habit of practicing everyday? How to balance your life with your new habits ? Tips here

So if you have the urge to start something but don’t know whether to start or not, ask yourself what you’re good at. What do you love to do? How happy can you be doing work that you love and also earn an income. Taking advantage of the internet can provide you with many sources of income you can pursue at home while enjoying your favorite hobby.

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