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How to be a freelancer with software testing skills?

Make Money online through testing

If you are a stay at home mom or a student or looking for extra income. This is one method for making money on the internet. That is done through TESTING. Tune in for more methods of online money making in our future articles. For current articles click here!

Testing projects can be in various ways that are testing a product, testing software, testing a website, testing an app or testing a transaction. Testing projects depends on what kind of devices you possess, where you live, and what knowledge you have got (in the case of software testing).

You can now become a freelance software tester with your knowledge. If you do not possess the skills, you can learn through tutorials or academies provided by the company itself. This way you can start your career or earn money online.

There are millions of people across the globe testing products online and making money on the internet every minute. This only takes a few hours of commitment depending on the project.

The projects vary from testing apps, games, websites, credit cards, car devices or other interactive devices such as Alexa/Google assistant, lights etc. Here you have to find bugs or glitches or do any research required for the project.

There are many websites on the internet. One such trustworthy website that you can see is uTest. They count on every feedback of uTesters to ensure that their products live up to the high expectations of their customers.


How does uTest work? 

uTest connects people with paid testing projects from the global brands that you recognise most. To start earning from anywhere with the flexibility of uTest. Learn new skills, earn money for sharing your feedback, and connect with a global community of individuals passionate about digital quality.

Who are the clients to work for?

Companies like Uber need to ensure a new feature is ready before rolling it out globally, they utilise uTesters to validate that it works, looks and performs as expected. Some of the clients of utest are Google, Airbnb, Groupon, Amazon, BBC etc.

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Utest working process

Payment options working in uTest

Testers are paid twice a month through their choice of either PayPal or Payoneer as per their convenience. Freelance testers on uTest earn money for:

✔️ Submitting approved bugs and test cases

✔️ Completing usability surveys

✔️ Referral bonuses to signup new testers

To further reward excellence, higher payouts are available depending on bug value and your current tester rating tier. Visit Projects Board to browse current testing project opportunities.


About uTest Testing Academy

uTest prides itself on helping our members learn, continue to grow, and succeed as a tester.

Members have exclusive access to the uTest Academy, an educational platform dedicated to training and skill advancement. Whether you simply need to learn the basics of bug reporting, improve your Charles Proxy skills, or learn about API testing, the uTest Academy has something for you.

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utest reviews

Articles & Forums 

Read tips and best practices from some of our community’s most knowledgeable testers, stay up to date with technology trends and share your own expertise within uTest’s community articles and forums.

Our active forums give members the opportunity to share test experiences, ask questions, and receive fast answers from our responsive global community. Do you have something important to share? Write an article to share your knowledge with the whole community!


Testing community in uTest 

uTest community is the largest group of passionate testers so far  in the worldCurious questions, inventive solutions, and inclusiveness are all options. The engine that drives uTest is a global network of independent testers.

Looking for testing tips, career advice, or simply want to talk about your favourite tools or the latest tech news – there’s always something for everyone within the  community feed, forums and articles.

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