Interactive Online Catalogs has high conversions


Ecommerce businesses anticipated a 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. But this line has grown much higher than anticipated, especially after the pandemic.


These factors drove businesses not only to evolve but to come out with an innovative solutions. In order to replace the brick and mortar experience even better interactive and dynamic solutions. Businesses should also adapt to newer technology. Businesses should also create interactive content to enhance their ecommerce platforms.


Here are the customer experience with Ecommerce challenges comparative to Physical store



About 50% of shoppers on the retail websites  know what they want; they search, select, and checkout. The others? They like to browse, discover, and be inspired. The online store is fine for the first group; however, connecting your brand with the second group requires something more… and that’s where interactive online catalogs help in purchase decisions by the shopper.


The customers reported to have, from 40% to as much as 308% higher conversion rates from their ‘just browsing’ audience when they viewed a Publitas publication.


What is the impact that shoppers become buyers from online catalogs?

Online catalogs are easily distributed throughout your marketing channels. These catalogs become interactive & shoppable. Enabling businesses to easily share their brand’s shopping experience on online channels other than their online store.

  • Product overlay: Improve the shopping experience by providing extra product details inside the catalog.

  • Shopping cart: Streamline the customer journey by allowing shoppers to add products to the cart directly from the catalog.

Who is Publitas and what are their services?


Publitas is a robust platform with an a strategic partnership to provide online content solutions for today’s retail landscape.

They provide businesses and their shoppers with an immersive, shoppable experience designed to inspire shoppers. While complementing your online store, offline store, and eCommerce objectives.

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7 ways of Publitas catalogs that enhance shopping experience :

1. Short looping video on the front cover page

2. Pop-out introduction videos to get shoppers in the mood for a particular season or occasion

3. Short looping videos for more ideas and inspiration

4. Videos that show complementary collections such as different rooms for a home furniture brand

5. Embedded tips and tricks videos

6. Pop-out explainer videos that tell more of your brand's story, show reviews with a more genuine feel, or add more information

7. Videos in the product details section that helps shoppers learn more about a product and guide them towards making up their mind


 Features additional to online catalog publishing


Search Engine Optimized: When you upload a PDF, Publitas automatically extracts and optimizes its contents for all major search engines.

Track original source: Elite taggers will make sure your entire publication is tagged with incredible care and surgical precision.

Code injection: Inject HTML or JavaScript code snippets in the head of your publications to integrate 3rd party tools or to create your own customizations.

Access our API: API documentation and enable you to use our code injection tool. This is ideal for integrating your online store in your publications, appending UTM parameters for better tracking, adding third party widgets like a newsletter sign up form or making stylistic changes to our viewers

Dynamic publications: Publish more frequently with Dynamic publications that are automatically generated from your product inventory.


Publitas Integrations Compatibility

  • Google analytics

  • Adobe analytics

  • dJAX DMP Manager

  • Google Optimize

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Datatrics

  • Unless

  • Channable

  • Lengow

  • Productsup

To keep in mind : Shoppers are now doing the majority of their research online and are more environmentally conscious. Therefore online catalogs are now the most efficient method to follow.  


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