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How a Swytch can transform your normal bike to electric bike?

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Biking is fun. The feeling of zooming around the streets while carving corners and jumping over the curbs is exhilarating says Ralph Cope. Electric Bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular means of commutation to and from work. These so called eBikes are fast, efficient, affordable and better for your health. The features and benefits eBikes provide make them an enticing option for students, local commuters and anyone who wants to exercise while traveling from one place to another.

Why electric bike?

For inner-city living, electric bikes may be the future. An electric bike is a standard bicycle outfitted with a motor that provides a boost, also called pedal assist. On the other hand, dealing with slopes and hills while biking to work is the biggest buzzkill. But if you have an electric bike with a climbing power, your job is easy. You would glide past those hills as if they were mere speed bumps.

Advantages using an electric bike

Riding is good for your physical fitness and mental boost. According to a study, the risk of cardio vascular disease, cancer and many other ailments were lower thereby making your quality of life longer and better. While the average electric biker burns 25% lesser calories than a conventional cyclist, they still burn up to 450 calories an hour.

The costs of owning and maintaining an electric bike are much less than a car. In terms of air pollution, bikes emit practically nothing such as noxious gases or dangerous fumes. They don’t produce much noise pollution either. By using e-bikes, you reduce the carbon footprint.

Finally, many governments have caught onto the benefits of biking to and from work. They are starting to promote it as well by offering lucrative incentives to commuters and big tax breaks. Since, cyclists are inclined to stop at stores and shop on their way; they contribute to the business community proving it better for local economies.

You don’t have to worry about parking, especially in busy areas. Obviously, you would want to park it somewhere close to an outlet and lock it like you normally do. On the other hand, if your e-bike features a removable battery, then you can park it anywhere and carry the battery along. More freedom and better use of time that in long run reward you with longer, better and a healthy quality of life are few great advantages of biking.

Challenges with normal e-bikes

A new systematic review published in the latest International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity concludes that cycling is better for health than riding a pedal assist electric bike, but they are better than walking. Another way of looking at it is, e-biking improve cardiorespiratory fitness in physically inactive individuals.  

For most of the people, getting an e-bike isn’t just replacing a car drive. In reality e-biking offers a physically active alternative to the largely sedentary behaviour associated with motorised commuting. The reduced intensity required while uphill riding when using an e-bike is one of the leading arguments for the promotion of e-bikes as an alternative mode of active transportation.

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Types of Swytch electric bike conversion kits
Source: Types of Swytch electric bike conversion kits

Our solution: Swytchbike

Swytch’s was founded to revolutionise transport and make electric bikes affordable and accessible to everyone. Its motto is to turn drivers into cyclists by converting bikes into e-bikes. People with e-bikes ride more than any other average cyclist. The brilliant electric assist feature unlocks extra range and provides a convenient travel that permits people to use their own bicycle as a primary mode of transport.

Thus, by conversion Swytch hopes to contribute to a better sustainable transport ecosystem. The environmental impact in manufacturing a Swytch eBike kit is 8 times lower compared to most complete electric bicycles.


There are kits for Hybrid bicycle, Folding bicycle, Step-through bicycle, Trike, Mountain bicycle, Road bicycle and Fixie bicycle. These bikes are largely classified based on the size of the wheels and mechanism. The kit comes with four main components: the front wheel with a hub motor, the pedal sensor, the removable power pack and its handlebar bracket. Check your wheel size by asking a bike seller or by checking your tyre markings or by measuring it yourself.

A conversion kit is simple to install and works on any bicycle. So as long as you know how to change a tyre, you can install the Swytch kit. Thanks to the removable Power Pack you can Swytch instantly between bike and eBike. Price starts at 500 Euros for eco and 650 Euros for Pro after a 50% discount on Swytch website.

Universal eBike Conversion kit can convert ANY bike into an eBike. It works with disc brakes. Your Swytch battery charge lasts up to 50km range. Enjoy your ride at the top speed of 25/32kph.

Swytch eBike Kit for Bromptons can convert any Brompton into an eBike. It is compatible with any Brompton and you can ride with a top speed of 25/30kph. Your Swytch battery charge lasts up to 50km range.

Lightweight with just 1.5kg added bike weight and 1.5kg grab and go power pack

Powerful with High torque frictionless motor that can help climb 30% gradients easily

Easy to fit and perfect compatibility with patent-pending universal design

Not everyone can afford a fancy new eBike and most of us do not want to part with the bike we already have. Swytch takes a real step forward in the eBike revolution.

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