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Housing market: Venlo prefers first time buyers

Venlo is the green city of the Maas. It’s the southern part of the Netherlands in the province of Limburg. Venlo is known for its shopping culture and historic renaissance buildings. Venlo as it is located adjacent to the German border it has got business advantages. 


This city is a key hub of transport and logistics for many companies. The goods arrive into the port of Rotterdam and then continue to Venlo before being distributed across Europe .This is either by road or waterways. Besides the connection to three international airports in the surrounding radius of about 50 km. This is where the economy of this city comes from.


In comparison to other locations, the Venlo gemeente is doing exceptionally well. Besides Venlo’s good infrastructure, the leisure economy is also the healthiest. The opportunities for walking, to be able to cycle, and to be able to relax and most importantly they enjoy all the healthy food supplies that are specifically produced within this region. 

Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle have benefited not only our economy, but also our citizens, as a result of the positive health attitude. Adaptability, well-being, self-direction, resilience, and involvement are all factors.

What is the state of the Housing Market in Venlo?

Venlo is doing well economically, and so is the housing market rising rapidly. This year, the city’s housing market have been increased by 7%. Bidding costs are rising to the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult for first-time buyers or younger groups to purchase a home.

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What’s the good news for Venlo’s first-time buyers?

With this raising market situation the Venlo housing corporation has come up with a new solution. They are now exclusively selling homes to first-time buyers and to those who are residents at social housing. This makes it easy for younger customers to purchase items at reasonable pricing.

This doesn’t mean all the houses are being sold for first timers. Every year, the Housing Corporation hopes to sell roughly fifteen homes. The corporation will no longer look at the price while selling this property. However, he merely looks at the candidate. The houses have a fixed purchase price that is approximately equal to the appraised value. If there are multiple candidates, a lottery will be held.

The housing corporation wants to give people who want to buy in the lower segment more opportunities. The housing organization wants to make it easier for consumers who wish to buy in the lower price range to do so. This will reduce the movement in the housing market and as well benefit first time buyers. 

What are the conditions for this Housing scheme?

Only first-time buyers living at home and people who free up social housing may register for the homes that are for sale. 

Candidates’ income and assets should not be too high. 

Someone who buys must live in the house for four years continuously and it shouldn’t  not be rented out.

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Why is Venlo such a desirable place to live?

greenport venlo | Floriade

Venlo has a varied employment market. The emphasis is on the spearhead areas of logistics, agrofood, and manufacturing and high-tech industries which is known as Greenport.

Greenport Venlo 

The former Floriade site is home to the epicentre of Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo: the innovative heart of the North Limburg. Science, business , education and the authorities work together to create innovative solutions to compelling issues in food, nutrition and health.

 The region has been voted the logistic hot spot of Europe on multiple occasions and is home to the country’s second largest concentration of horticultural activity. Venlo has grown into the third-largest logistic hot spot in the Netherlands, second only to Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.  Many manufacturing companies that are major players on the global market are also based in Venlo.


Venlo offers educational facilities from intermediate and lower vocational education right up to university level.

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Venlo is also a sporting city, having a diverse range of sports clubs and a professional soccer team.

Shopping in Venlo

A new 24-hour shopping center called Maasboulevard. Since the city is at the border of Germany, shoppers from both countries come to buy here.

Cost of Living of the City Venlo:

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