Knowledge Base Now Passive Income Google Maps: How does Google monetize from Google Maps?

Google Maps: How does Google monetize from Google Maps?

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How does Google monetize Google Maps?

Are you feeling stuck at home during this pandemic? Did you know that you can earn money online by sitting at home? Or do you want to change your career from 9 to 5 job. Here are the ideas to earn an passive:

One of the methods unknown to many is Google map earnings or google my business earnings.

How to make money through Google Maps?

Earn from google maps or google my business as a regional guide. You just need to have computer skills and some knowledge through tutorials on how to place it. You can then contribute content to Google Maps and get points if it’s published. When you collect the points you get to be eligible in  increasing your level through Local Guide benefits


To whom you contribute? : Hotels, Restaurants, Airports, Events, shops, theatres, transport etc.

Step by step procedure to be a contributor


Step 1: Search on google / google maps for your city or elsewhere

Step 2: Businesses that don’t claim their business on the map

            / don’t have reviews/photos/ website/ hours / other missing information

Step 3: Contact the businesses by phone / mail

Step 4: Your efforts in contribution 

Step 5: Verification and approval and earn points 

Step 6 : Get contracts as digital marketer or website developer (you earn privately not under google contribution)


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Tasks to perform to be a google map earner:


1. Add photos of the place

2. Add and explore products or services.

3. Write reviews & ratings of the place. Also from other customers (from restaurant or online)

4. Answer missing questions about the place with the latest updates/ changes made due to pandemic .

5. Edit a place’s information such as a road on the map, hours, website.

6. Check facts about places nearby and add the missing places.

7. Respond to Q&As 

Google Map Analyst: 


The other way you can make money from Google Maps is by becoming a Map Quality Analyst or a Map Data Analyst at LionbridgeWhere you make sure that Google Maps and possibly other map programs are accurate and working properly. The tasks will involve determining the relevance and accuracy of information by performing online research and referring to guidelines provided to you. These tasks are primarily map related along with non-map related tasks. Such as time to time reviews or other contributions. 

What are the qualifications for Google maps?

To start up Google maps some tips and tricks are required. At the next stages you need to understand and perform marketing skills such as SEO, ad mangers etc. If you are a web developer you can contribute to the business website building or maintenance. 


How to get started? :

  • Your mobile or a laptop

  • Google account

  • Register

You can not only make some good extra money but you can even build a full-time business using Google Maps.

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