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Entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021

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The Entertainment industry is all about chasing success. As soon as an idea fetches opulence, it is followed thoroughly to produce similar ideas. The entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021 is experiencing a seismic reposition in response to the growing consumption habits of the young generation and relative audience.

Presently, there exists a distinct opportunity of constituting a progressive-minded company. A company that can recognize both the audience and their zooming demand for media content on different platforms. Founded on a wealth of cultural history, the entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021 is known for possessing a high entrepreneurial spirit and unconventional thought process.    

An outlook of the entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021

The entertainment and media outlook for the Netherlands focuses on the broad-gauge progress of thoughts and designs of the fascinating entertainment and media industry every year. In 2021, they have chosen an extensive theme of personalization that will supposedly impact the local and global developments in the future.

Now, why the personalization theme? It is because, under this theme, the consumers can customize their interest in a particular media. The media companies in the industry compete to thrive while providing the consumers with a plethora of paid and free audio-visual content.

The media and entertainment industry statistics reveal that the demand for entertainment has shot up like never. The sonic-speed broadband and upgraded mobile devices enable consumers to access digital services in abundance. The enterprises involving media and technology are building up the investment sector. Films, short movies, videos, and series are earning immense popularity amongst audiences locally and globally. Sports, games, live events, podcasts, and new sources of entertainment are also catching up at a faster pace.

How is the entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021 a top choice for broadcasters?

Housing the eminent players of the entertainment industry, the Netherlands emerged as the pivot for media and broadcasting. Speaking precisely, the capital city, Amsterdam, and Hilversum are now the breeding grounds of the most popular entertainment companies. Besides, the entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021 has a flair to reach out to the audience. The entertainment hub begot and exported several broadly accepted TV formats and thus ranking third amongst the top-notch broadcasting companies.

To keep the show on a roll, the Commission for the Media in the Netherlands supervises the visual content of 500 commercially licensed programs. The production, however, receives support from the Film Fund of the Netherlands. Working in the entertainment industry requires a lot of labor and time, unlike traditional jobs. You can find a wide range of courses and jobs that help you gain positions in the specific job category.

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Current and future expenditure trends in the entertainment industry 

The ever-growing demand of the entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021, attributed to the increasing number of consumers and expenses on the advertisements. The amount expended in the digital advertisements of the Entertainment and Media industry is presumed to be €2.5BN by 2023, while the non-digital ads will incur a fall. The reason is the rapid growth in the popularity of video games, shows, sports, and podcasts.

Contribution of the entertainment industry to the economy

The Dutch Entertainment and media industry happen to be a significant sector contributing to the economy. Every year, the audio-visual sector provides approximately 32,300 job opportunities. This move, however, adds a Gross Value of €1.7BN and pays a lumpsum tax of €730MN. According to the estimation in the last Economic survey, the entertainment industry induces 33, 400 jobs in the Dutch economy. On the other hand, these job opportunities contribute €1.9BN to GVA and an amount of €820MN as taxes. Accounting for 32% of the total jobs in the entertainment and media sector, the creative industry of the Netherlands thrives. 

Of late, barely any other industry shows the impact of digitization, techno development, globalization, and the ever-changing behavior of the consumers other than the entertainment industry in the Netherlands 2021. The disclosure of unexpected yet compelling developments in the industry has become an everyday ritual. In the current year, it came to meticulous observation that the companies involved in this sector are going places in the media landscape. The sole intention is to reach out and intimately associate with the consumers.

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