Knowledge Base Now Netherlands Elections 2022 info for internationals in English

Elections 2022 info for internationals in English

Elections 2022 Netherlands | Municipality voting

Election time in the Netherlands for the city council in the coming month. This article provides all information about these elections. What is the election system in the Netherlands, especially Eindhoven? What are the responsibilities of the city councilor? Who are the parties? What is the eligibility for voting and as an international? Addressing international voices and how is CDA helping?

 The Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy. The Parliament of the Netherlands is called the States General and is bicameral. It consists of two chambers: 

🪨 The House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal in Dutch) consisting of 150 members and 

🪨 The Senate (Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal) which consists of 75 members.

 Different levels of elections held in the Netherlands

🗳️ Parliament elections

General elections for the House of Representatives are held at least every four years.

 Last held on 17 Mar 2021

🗳️ Provincial elections

Provincial elections always take place every four years, in March; municipal elections always two years after a year divisible by four, and provincial elections one year after municipal elections. 

 Last held on 20 March 2019. 

🗳️Municipal elections 

Municipal elections always take place every four years, in March; municipal elections always two years after a year divisible by four. 

 Last held on 21 March 2018

🗳️ Water Board elections

Water Board elections also take place every 4 years, same day as the provincial elections

The last elections were held on 20 March 2019.

There are 345 municipalities in the Netherlands. The largest municipal councils in the Netherlands have 45 members, which are municipalities with more than 200,000 inhabitants. The smallest municipal councils have 9 members, which are municipalities with fewer than 3000 inhabitants. The number of councilors – and therefore seats – is always odd. 

Eindhoven has 235K citizens and has 45 seats. Here ICAP International Community Advisory Panel is focusing on the upcoming local elections in the Netherlands when voters and residents will elect about 350 new local councils.

City councilor – what is his/her responsibility?

1️⃣ Forming the representation of the people: Hear the voices of the citizens and decide on tasks

2️⃣Setting Framework: That is setting the budget of each task and then running objectives as framed

3️⃣Monitoring the executive (Mayor and Aldermen): These tasks are monitored or checked by the Mayor and Aldermen on the status of the task and adapted as assigned

For more information read here!

What is the budget allocated for the municipality in Eindhoven?

The Budget for the municipality this year is more than 1 billion euros. The budget comes from municipality funds and taxes.

The Budget is categorized into 

1. Safety

2. Public transport

3. Economy

4. Education

5. Sports, culture and recreation

6. Social affair

7. Health care system and climate

8. Housing/Real estate

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About polling station for voting


Municipalities distribute a list of addresses of polling stations, together with the lists of candidates, 4 days before the polling house.

People can also vote elsewhere in the municipality, for example at work, the shops or the station. In the 2018 municipal elections, there were 8,699 polling stations. 

Note: The Polling council also has arrangements for the visually impaired.

can internationals vote in the netherlands elections

Who are the Elections parties?

At this election, you are voting for both the political party and the person. So here are the list of all the parties in the Netherlands:

GroenLinks (left-wing greens)

50Plus (Pensioners)

SP (Socialist)

VVD (free-market liberal)

CDA (conservative Christians)

PvdA (Animal rights)

D66 (Liberal democrats)

Denk (minority and Muslim rights)

PVV (anti-immigration, anti-Islam)

BIJ1 (right minority)

Volt (Pan-European) 

JA21(anti Immigration)

FcD (far right, anti vax)

SGP (Christian orthodox)

ChristenUnie (Christian fundamentalist)

In total, at least seventeen parties are participating in the municipal elections. Besides six newcomers, The Pirate Party, Party for the Animals, Just Eindhoven, Volt, Forum for Democracy, and the Feestpartij. Eleven parties already have a seat in Eindhoven’s council chamber. On March 16, residents go to the polls.


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Eligibility to vote

Voting dates: March 14 – 16, 2022. Due to Covid-19 dates are extended for two more days to allow a safe voting system.

Timings: 7:30 – 21:00 

Age limit to vote: 18 years

Who can vote?

✔️ Dutch national

✔️ Register under municipality

✔️ Voting eligibility

Voting for internationals

✔️ Internationals can also vote in the municipality elections.

✔️ EU citizen : Register under municipality by 31 Jan 2022

✔️ Non-EU Citizen: Then you must be resided in the Netherlands for 5 consecutive years (uninterrupted)

Voting by proxy

Netherlands voting by proxy is allowed. You can allow other residents of the same municipality to vote on your behalf. In this case, the voting pass must be authorized. Along with both persons Identity cards.

Lost or did not receive a voting pass

It’s possible to call the municipality before 11 March 2022 before 17:00 to get a stem pass/ voting pass. 


Addressing international voices and how is CDA helping?


Voices of internationals 

Areas of concern for internationals that are being addressed this year in the elections.

🎤 Housing market

🎤 Tackle problems faced by university students 

🎤 Quality of living in the region

🎤 Community halls for kids

Who is Miriam Frosi and what’s her mission from CDA Eindhoven?


CDA has international Candidates stood up for this municipal elections. Miriam Frosi, Chaitali Sengupta, and Elena Digirolamo.

Miriam Frosi is from CDA Eindhoven. Her mission is to give voice to the voiceless; she listens with her heart and comes up with concrete solutions.

 She thinks about the 

📌Unique local hotline to denounce labor exploitation;

📌Solutions to menstruation and diapers poverty by making them free

📌She also makes sure an entire street has special insulation to protect citizens from the noises of the traffic train.

She works hard for equal opportunity. Interested in various cultures and how diversity has enriched lives. She wants more women on the top; therefore she is an inspirational leader, especially for many (inter) national women in our city. 

Good news for internationals who can not understand Dutch can now read them in the 8 languages translated by her.

For the Elections program of CDA Eindhoven and their challenges in detail – click here!

For the English election manifesto for CDA – click here!

“If you don’t vote you can’t complain. Go and vote. Let me hear your voice ”

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