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e- mental health awareness-How it digitized

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From the year 2020 businesses are transforming and investing drastically into digitization. Enterprises on the digital transformation journey generally experience better efficiency, more productivity, and reduced operating costs aside from other benefits.


The same can be observed in the digitization of the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, according to a survey done by Adobe in 2018 about digital trends, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have lagged behind in digital strategy. Comparatively to 15 percent of companies in other industries.


Telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, and blockchain electronic health records are just a few concrete examples of digital transformation within the healthcare sector. It’s reshaping how we interact with health professionals.


But the innovation in mental health is not much known or talked about. Hence the Organization Mind Support has come out with an innovative solution. A non-profit mental health foundation “Mind Support” has set up a digital algorithm to support individuals who would like to overcome their mild mental health issues. 

How does mind support work as e-mental health supporter?

Mind Support works in multiple different ways as various resources are offered by this platform.  Mind Support is an example of an organization that could assist in filling the gap created by the public mental health services, as it provides people who have more mild mental health complaints with a place for support. 

Mind Support is there to support individuals with subclinical complaints. At the same time, “Mind Support” reaps the benefits of traditional peer support options, such as having a more trauma-informed approach rather than an illness-focused one, aiding in the reduction of stigma and welcoming dialogue.

mental health awareness | Steps for mind support

The main initiative of Mind Support is to help people connect with each other from all over the world by sharing similar issues that they have experienced.

mental health awareness | Step 2 for mind support

Users that enter the platform firstly take an online questionnaire  that assesses their complaints. The causes of their complaints are then matched by means of an automatic algorithm. This assessment is based with a user who has had similar experiences.

mental health awareness | Step 3 for mind support

The algorithm matches users to supporters with the highest compatibility based on the questionnaire. Supporters must be at least 55% compatible to be matched with a user. However, if a user is matched with a peer who they feel is incapable of helping them, or that they feel incapability. Then they can ask to switch, and will be re-matched.

mental health awareness | Step 4 for mind support

This will allow for refining the match between users and supporters. Guarantees that the match is made not only based on similarity of experiences but also the needs of the user, ensuring a more fitting match.

Mind Support is there to support individuals with subclinical complaints and to reassure users that other people have overcome the same, or similar difficulties that they are experiencing.

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What are the types of mind health Support?

Research says absent sociodemographic or visual cues, online groups tend to be more egalitarian and less concerned with social status. People with disabilities or stigmatizing diseases can participate without concern that they will be prejudged. Hence, online groups often serve to muster advocacy and political action to change the status quote.

They are three categories of support for take advantage of in mindsupport :

✴️ Self Support Various form of information available on several mindcare topics in form of blogs, videos and podcasts.

➡️ Knowledge – Find information from the articles regarding several problems.

➡️ Practice – Get challenges, card games and other activities to build habits and general wellbeing  

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✴️ Online peer support as provided by “Mind Support” has the advantage of being anonymous and is free of charge making it accessible to everybody. 

➡️ Peer support: is the process in which we recognize our shared experiences of disadvantage and distress and come together to support and learn from each other while making an interpersonal connection. Research has highlighted the importance of both giving and receiving support when defining peer support. This suggests that this reciprocity is what increases the sense of mutual support, trust and empathy within peer support relationships.

➡️ Volunteer support : Support other individuals with similar problems. 

➡️ Mutual support : Get helping others as well receive help from the community.

How does mind health support help?

👉 Decreases abnormality or Feeling of loneliness in mental health struggles

👉 Removal of stigma in the society

👉 Sharing Co-strategies- More shared or solved solutions to the problems

👉 Positivity and positive role models through first hand experiences from others

👉 Honest & genuine help or share of emotions received and given back 

👉 Getting help for Mild complaints, rather than going traditional professionals.

Benefits of Online support

👉 You can support anyone regardless of socio demographic background.

👉 Get supported anytime and anywhere

👉 Volunteer online from your home

What are the wonderful results of Peer support in Mind support help?

When the research took place for the depression element between therapy group and peer support help group  amazingly it concluded that mindsupport was as powerful as the therapy. But however this is not a replacement to therapy but rather its an extra support for your wellbeing.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?

– Martin Luther King, Jr.