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What is the New Civic Integration Law and its impact on Dutch language proficiency of expats in NL?

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Language connects people. It helps us express our feelings and build relationships with everyone. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands. There are more than 23M native Dutch speakers in the world. About 30M of world population can speak Dutch as their first or second language. It is the third most predominantly spoken Germanic language besides English and German.


Along with Dutch as the main language, people speak in West Frisian, English, Papiamento, Dutch Low Saxon and Limburgish in the Netherlands. Most of the people in Netherlands can converse in English. You will definitely notice that the Dutch understand and switch to English to help non-Dutch speakers. Despite that, it is strongly recommended to learn the language to understand the country’s culture and society better.

Advantages of learning Dutch

Personal: Making new friends and networking with the Dutch people becomes easier when you know the language. Native people sound frank and blunt with their direct communication style, while they translate Dutch to English literally. To understand them better and make the most of your life in Netherlands, you’ll need to communicate in Dutch.

Social: To naturalise or integrate in the Netherlands, you must pass your civic integration exams that result in an integration diploma.

Professional: In order to study or develop your career in the Netherlands, you need to be proficient in language.

New Civic integration law

From January 1, 2022, the new Civic Integration Act 2021 will apply to everyone who is subject to an integration obligation. The municipality will play a vital role in guiding and supporting you by offering tailor made integration process. They draw a personal integration and participation plan with every person integrating.

Through a broad intake, they determine the learning route and thereby advise on a suitable educational institution. The new integration system offers a combination of the Dutch language proficiency as well as participation into the Dutch society. An internship or a voluntary work can facilitate this.

Three new learning routes

The B1 route with a language proficiency B1 level. This is a level higher than the old law. This enhances the quality of the integrators’ language. The other two levels are the education route and the self-reliance route. You can find a step-by-step integration plan on

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Advantages of Learning Dutch

Dutch language training courses and institutes

The options to learn Dutch language are endless. You may immerse yourself in one-on-one tailor made lessons for professionals. You can try a social style group Dutch culture lessons. You may prefer an intensive course to pick the language as quickly as possible.

Free Dutch classes offer language training courses like Free Dutch practice at the Amsterdam Public library (Het NL Plein), Dutch consultation sessions (Inloopspreekuren Nederlands leren), Language for life (Taal voor het leven), In-home tutoring for women, online courses on Oefenen and Leefenleer.

Dutch Ready offers smart, private and personalised Dutch language lessons that help you learn Dutch quickly and effectively. You can learn Dutch language anytime and anywhere with Dutch Ready. You can schedule lessons as per your convenience. You choose the frequency and length of your lessons which make them extra personalised. You can cancel lessons up to 48 hours in advance and cancellation is free of charge. You can set your goals and learn based on your interests.  

Institute Regina Coeli helps learn the language with a professional training programme involving simulations making it as goal oriented as possible. All courses are intensive. From early morning to late in the evening, for several days in a row; trainings are planned in such a way that you attain a flow, you absorb coursework and become capable enough to apply the material quickly. Along with food and recreation, your stay throughout the day at the training is taken care of.

Dutch Academy Eindhoven is one of the best intensive language training courses in the Netherlands. Trainings range between level A1 to level B1, with group size around 10 participants and the course duration of 11-44 weeks. If you want to learn Dutch for integration or if you are willing to learn Dutch grammar with visual and lucid methods, this one is for you.

ITHA organises intensive Dutch language courses for higher educated expats from A1 level to C2++ level. The curriculum at ITHA emphasises on realistic and relevant situations of various social environments. It provides tailor made Dutch courses such as correct writing and effective communication applicable to your professional working environments.

Taal boost in-class or virtual courses focusing on engagement, interaction and feedback. It offers courses online day-time or evening classes, weekend classes, in-class lessons, intensive classes with a total of 30 teaching hours or 6 weeks.

Koentact, Dutch Courses Amsterdam, Babel and so on are  coming up with novel strategies of evening group lessons, morning culture lessons and conversation courses. These include intensive stay and learn, corporate or hybrid work and learn as well as private courses. Please check here if you are willing to follow a course from the affiliated schools for integration.

Have fun learning your Dutch language course. Try to find a course that suits your schedule, level of learning and understanding. Choose a warm and supportive environment. Make mistakes with freedom and learn better. Use visual materials and engage in interactive workshops to help learn the language better. Enjoy this wonderful experience as it rewards you with a quality social life and exciting career opportunities in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

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