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Dutch airlines you need to consider for an exquisite travel experience

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Summer is beating a hasty retreat, so break-free when you still can! The world has changed in the past two years yet recovering at a faster pace. Fancy an exquisite sunset? Have a penchant for adventure? Want to reconnect with your loved ones? Or an official tour? Dutch Airlines offer you the perfect solution for all your getaways.

Constitution of the Dutch Airlines

The aviation industry in the Netherlands typically comprises KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesCorendon, TUI, Transavia, and regional carriers KLM City Hopper and AIS.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (International):

Royal Dutch Airlines, commonly known as KLM, chances to be the world’s oldest. It came into existence in 1919 and started operating as a passenger carrier in 1920. Merging with Air France in 2003 did not affect their operation as both the companies work independently to date. In 1934, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines emerged as the first to make its way across the Atlantic. These Dutch airlines rank sixth amongst the safest airlines globally. Surpassing the regulatory excellence stipulated at the national and international levels, the carrier company keeps passenger safety to the core of its business culture. Children up to 11years can enjoy the varied amenities of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and make the most out of the venture.

Corendon Airlines:

Corendon is, however, a pristine yet futuristic choice for you. It originated in 2010 and is headquartered at Lijnden, a village in North Holland. Numerous flights of Corendon Airlines operate from Schiphol and Maastricht, the most sought-after destinations being Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Brazil, and Turkey. The safety of the flight and passengers encapsulates a primordial position in the operational Group.

Have you got pets? Well, you are free to travel with your pets on board. Transform your holidays into an adventure with your sports equipment, Corendon allows you to carry.

TUI Airlines:

TUI, alias, Air Holland came into being in 1981. After operating as Air Holland for good 20 years, it was named TUI Airlines. It mainly operates from the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. They typically fly to popular Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Caribbean destinations. TUI Airlines ranks among the best holiday airlines that you can avail of. Having acquired the Gold Award at the World Responsible Tourism Awards in 2018, these Dutch Airlines offer you a safe and comfortable travel experience.

Transavia Airlines:

Founded in 1966, Transavia Airlines exclusively offers you to enjoy the whims and fancies of destinations like Morocco, Beirut, Finland, Gambia, Cyprus, and Jordan. Transavia is the first company in the world to have introduced in-flight delivery services. Now onwards, passengers can order their food one hour before boarding through a transit company, and iFleat will deliver them on board.

KLM City Hopper: Regional Carrier:

Constituted in 1991, City Hopper happens to be the subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and a provider of short destination European flights. Headquartered at Haarlemmermeer, North-Holland, these Dutch airlines enjoy the royal patronage quite actively the destinations, though are limited to Inverness, Dresden, Southampton, and Genoa.

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AIS: Regional Carrier: 

In 2009, AIS emerged as a training school for aviation which eventually transited into passenger carrier flights. With their headquarter located at Lelystad, the flights typically are confined to the territories of Sweden and Germany. The city connections of AIS include Munster, Hagfors, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Berlin, and Torsby. The strength of AIS lies in the optimization of day-return schedules typically followed by the passengers who fly for business and return the same day.

Travel all prepared

Enjoy the discounts!

Reap your benefits from the World Deal Weeks! KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offer huge discounts and promotions twice a year, in January and in September when you can avail of great deals on your tickets and packages for over two weeks to your desired holiday destinations.

Corendon Airlines present you with an instant offer of a 10% discount on your return tickets regardless of the destination, time, or the type of ticket you are booking. Therefore, whenever buy a ticket on Corendon Airlines, corroborate it with a return ticket.

TUI offers you discount vouchers and codes around the year and occasionally. So, whenever you plan a haul, you can avail the benefits of being their reputed customer.

Mulling over the travel expense? Well, you can curb it with the surprisingly economical deals that Transavia Airline has in store for you. Currently, you can fly to destinations like Copenhagen, Krakow, and Prague in as little as €29 and more offers.

Owing to the association with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, City hopper introduces seasonal and occasional deals and promo codes typically at the same time as KLM throughout the year.

As for the deals and discounts, grab the lucrative deals that AIS airline offers from time to time before they disappear.

Pandemic management by the Dutch Airlines

The world has undergone an inexplicable change in the recent past, the sole reason being the pandemic. The Aviation industry is not left untouched. Despite the colossal financial losses and restrictions, Dutch Airlines, in the past and the present have meticulously performed their function with utmost efficacy and care. Therefore, avail the Dutch airlines and make the most out of their resplendent services.

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