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Does your home décor offer that ‘heaven on earth’ vibe?

Contemporary style interior living room

Are you embarking on a large scale home renovation? Are you moving to a brand new place? Wondering how it should look like to make you feel at home? Fancy new decor? Is it a challenge to decide where you must set up your Christmas wreath to show it off in the best possible way? Surprisingly, there is a lot of science behind decor and designs out there, about the best possible ways to transform a house into your home.

Home décor is an art of making your house look beautiful and comfortable.

It includes physical objects like furniture, art and accessories, position and placement of items in the space, room colours and last but not the least materials that we use for floor, walls, ceiling, doors and windows. Beware that the options of home decor styles are limitless.

From entry way to your bedroom, from timeless huge furniture which gives that vintage look to a tall modern vase that stands in a corner- home decor has innumerable benefits that can be categorised into two types.

Tangible: Decor improves functionality and organisation of your living space. The value of your home increases. Lighting in rooms contribute big time to your health. Well, with organisation skills, using your effective spaces efficiently, you can shop and equip your home with all that you need without cluttering it.

Intangible: Decorating your home is important for your mental health. It builds a personality and reflects who you are. It brings in colour and sets your mood. That helps you stay motivated indeed. Returning to your clean and beautiful home is relaxing. For psychological benefits, it is important to have greenery or flowering plants around. Sometimes artworks, paintings and landscapes uplift your spirits, refresh your memories and thereby improve your performance and creativity. That space definitely needs to be the one you love.

Home decor styles:

Minimalist: This style uses the bare essentials and clean lines to create a simple and uncluttered space. It is minimal and is defined by the absence of colours, textures and fabrics. This style is usually combined with open spaces furnished in monochromatic palette.

Traditional : This is a perfect style for all those who like to combine modern and rustic look simultaneously. It is advisable to lift up the moods by throwing in some colour or maintaining a theme so that it won’t look like a museum. Choosing natural materials like metal for frames, accessories and highlights while filling most of the space in modern style pumps this look.

Industrial: Inspired by rough and raw building materials like concrete, timber, brick, iron and steel. It embraces organic, rustic and a homely look. With breezy high ceilings and open plan floors, it suits people who appreciate complex architecture.

Scandinavian: It emphasises on brightness, furnishings, clean lines, bold graphics and coziness. You can observe light colour palette, iconic furnishings, clutter-free decor including natural materials and textures in this style.

Mid-century modern: With retro vibes deriving from Scandinavian and Danish designs, this is one of the most timeless designs. It has an American design which is a combination of functional styling, organic shapes and fabrications.

Transitional: This style is perfect for growing families who like having traditional as well as modern design at the same time. Usage of large scale furnishings, high performance upholstery and neutral focus, makes this style practical. The goal is to incorporate meaningful pieces that hold a purpose.

Coastal: White-washed surfaces, bare wood floors and colours inspired by tropics accord with this style. You might notice natural materials, sectional furniture and hanging accessories to reinforce the lush flora that give a turquoise water vibe.

Eclectic: In this style, furniture is juxtaposed-old and new. That mismatching hallmarks this design. It is rich in layered textiles, confident colour palette, custom-made collections, bold statement pieces. Several varieties of eclectic styles include Bohemian, Mediterranean, Shabby chic and so on.

There are many other styles such as Contemporary, Farmhouse style, Asian/zen style, Retro, Art deco and Hollywood regency.

Different home decor styles
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According to a Chinese philosophy called Feng Shui which means wind and water that flow and move around the world, it is believed that energy flows around your home. Five most important elements in Feng Shui include wood that symbolises growth and creativity, earth that symbolises stability and balance, metal that symbolises logic and intelligence, water that symbolises wisdom and serenity and fire that symbolises passion and energy. It is interesting to know that this science also suggests ideal colour, natural focus and textures for ideal home décor.

The core objective of these styles and designs are to aid a person in shaping how they experience any particular space.  Functionality, efficiency and aesthetics bring together the elements of home-making, cohesively. Latent concepts like representation, perception and value are also involved in your decision making criteria.

Here are a few tips. Consider stocking up your essentials before choosing your colors. Based on factors such as lighting, purpose and space you must mark focal points. Trends come and go. Always keep it simple and decorate with items you love to stand the test of time. Playing with several proportions, investing in modular and keeping the tone as natural as possible is the cue.

Set of three is your key.

Always make sure you have three different items of same colour in the a room, to register that as a theme. “Give yourself permission to experiment! Our homes should be reflections of who we are, and we are always evolving, so why shouldn’t our homes?” says Justina Blakeney.

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Home is where love, comfort and peace are!

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