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Audio eBooks: The best way to amplify knowledge without boredom

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  A story attains life with the right voice. Often listening to the soothing tone of a familiar voice can be an engaging way to get along with the books we always wanted to read but never got a chance. While reading a book, the story begins to captivate your brain, but listening to one builds up a fuzzy cloud inside your head, where you imagine the events that occur. There lies a fanaticism around the chance to do visionary things and amplify the audience for knowledge, hence the origination of audio eBooks.

A synopsis on audio eBooks

Technically, the combination of a text eBook and an audiobook makes an audio eBook. It facilitates modern functions such as synchronous highlighting and the feature tap-to-play. Audio eBooks gained immense popularity in the past few years because practically everyone uses a mobile device. 

The history of audio eBooks dates to the 1930s when voices were recorded in cassettes and vinyl records to educate in the institutions. The difference between audio eBooks now and then lies in the fact that then they were used by people with dyslexia and blindness. In the present times, a vast selection of audio eBooks is accessible with the origination of the Internet. 

Why prefer audio eBooks over paperback?

Preference is all that matters

For someone who multitasks, ideal leisure would be sitting by the window after a long day, sipping on their favorite beverage, and listening to their most desired audiobooks. Sometimes people also chance to go through a specific book while listening to the audio eBooks. Immersed in the hustle and bustle of life, people often find it difficult to get hold of a paperback copy and thus, find audio eBooks the most viable option to unwind. As an absolute lover of audio eBooks, I have enlisted a few reasons as to why this piece of innovation has become inevitable in our lives.

  • Keeps your psyche immersed and in sync

  • Aids in better understanding of the text

  • Environment friendly

  • Possibility of reading more, irrespective of time and place

  • No requirement for extra space in the baggage

  • Listening made possible with a group or partner


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Let’s talk about the uniqueness of the latest audio apps

In this section, let’s delve into the latest companies and versions that have launched the service with a hint of uniqueness. Blinkist and GIGL are the latest two companies who have come up with the idea of audio eBooks but in a summarized and video version.


This app is ideal for people who possess curiosity yet fail to quench it due to lack of time. Using Blinkist, you can get hold of the basic idea not in hours but as little as 15minutes. You can as well receive personalized endorsements and a list of procured books by specialists. With their newly added short cast feature, you can now have summarized podcasts and their derivable insights.

How unique is the app?

Yes, the app is free. But as a free member, you can access specifically the top picks of the day that is the gist of the whole audio eBook.

It works offline as well. When you add the synopsis of the books to the library, it gets downloaded in the form of text. Audio files are also downloadable.

With a variety of 4500 audio eBooks, Blinkist offers you a user-friendly and sleek interface with a monthly subscription of $12.99. It can be further reduced to half the price when you choose an annual subscription.

In a nutshell, it is the cheapest way to access the best-loved eBooks that you always had in mind.


GIGL is an exceptional bilingual app of Indian origin. The app introduces a collection of audio eBooks in English as well as Hindi. This feature is well incorporated to attract listeners who are more comfortable with Hindi rather than English. 

How unique is the app?

The authenticity of the app rests in the fact that it offers the users a free chance to read the e-texts, enjoy the summarized videos, and listen to the audio eBooks

You can share your experience and readings with your partners, friends, or group on any social media handle.

All the contents can be streamed and availed with a nominal expenditure of data. Learning with GIGL is a fun and engaging activity. GIGL, thus, provides its user with all the favorable opportunities to learn, which a knowledge-thirsty mind can look forward to.

It is an intimate approach when a book is read to someone. It ushers an invisible bonding between the listener and the narrator in a world of isolated souls. This purpose, however, is well served by the audio eBooks that have taken the world by storm.

                                                                                                                                                            GIGL                                   Blinkist


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