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Affiliate marketing for product validation in e-commerce

Attarcting traffic through affiliate marketing

If you believe in the utility of a product, Affiliate marketing can be an exceptional opportunity to grow. The reason is you earn from something that you can recommend to others and make it compelling for them to purchase. While Digital sale is a constant rolling procedure to seek, connect, and engage customers online and transform them into offline businesses, Affiliate marketing is all about earning a commission by endorsing products from different companies. 

Someone who wants to earn passively through affiliation would evaluate the products and services they find worth promoting hence, earning a share of profit from each purchase made through their link. To reach a clear understanding of the other factors related to it, let’s delve deeper.

How is Affiliate marketing beneficial?

Nonchalantly, an affiliate marketer promotes services with a unique link that attracts considerable traffic to the website. When the targeted consumers purchase the product through the affiliate link, a commission from the sale gets transferred to the affiliate marketer. 

As per the latest data, 81% of online brands are dependent on Affiliate marketing for consistent growth. This kind of marketing is essential for a marketing team, thereby enrolling into the services of host companies. There are several benefits of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can expand the sales team of a company by welcoming specialists in their niche. These specialists shape the marketing structure by writing blogs and articles and publishing them on social media and web platforms. The link is thus extracted and embedded in the related websites so that the customers can avail it to purchase products. The affiliate marketers drive organic traffic to your website while increasing its sales on the e-commerce platform.

In Affiliate marketing, the marketers promulgate products or services hence driving more consumers to the website. It is a technique that involves off-page SEO that adds raising the rankings and anchor links of a page. Attracting more and more traffic to a page can be done through Google ads.

Instead of struggling to attain a fair number of visitors to your site manually, Affiliate marketing helps publicize your e-commerce website and its products in the view of hundreds and thousands of new visitors leveraging more profit. It also generates an incredible return on investment that you can choose different amounts as commission for websites.

Knowing the consumer’s perception is equally important. The affiliation tools help understand where the consumer’s interest and buying products. It will provide a clear insight to the marketers about the further development of services to satisfy the customers. After all, happy customers are all that a marketer wants. 

Awareness of a brand is another aspect of this type of marketing. It helps promote and share the products and popularize them through links. It will help both marketers and customers to gain huge discounts.

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Strategy in Affiliate marketing

Recent trends of Affiliate marketing

According to the current digital marketing trends, the estimate of affiliate programs worldwide is $12BN. The number of people interested in digital marketing has increased considerably. The search volume of the term has encountered a surge as well.

The digital media apportioned 15% of the advertising revenue of Affiliate marketing. 81% and 84% of marketers and publishers embrace this program. Marketers attract almost more than 50% of customers through mobile electronic devices. 

Using affiliate links, the advertising agencies are generating 15%-30% online sales. Most marketers believe that Affiliate marketing is a critical skill to possess. 65% of traders admit that the annual revenue generated in their business is accredited to affiliate programs by 5%-20%. 

As on the digital marketing ground, 90% of the advertisers deem it extremely important for business strategy. The digitally affiliated products generate as good as 50% of the commission. A fair percentage of 10-15% conversion rate can be earned by PPC Affiliate marketing. These trends indicate how important the notion has become in digital marketing.

How unique is Digistore 24?

Being the largest source of Affiliate network in Europe, Digistore 24 is known for its reputation for promoting numerous brands of some of the leading brands and spurring them to the way of success. With Digistore 24, the affiliates can 

  • Receive up to 85% or more commissions with optimized products that generate conversion.

  • Sell products worldwide without being stuck in fraudulent activities.

  • Avail payment safely and securely

  • Experiences automated business w.r.t ticketing, taxation, invoice, membership, and much more

  • Shape sales structure, courses, and websites seamlessly with almost no technical knowledge.

  • Avail to oneself of the fastest marketing ground.

  • Rest assured of the quality and safety of their product.

Digistore 24 comprises a team of more than 30 IT experts whose constant effort keeps up the extremely high quality of the website. Ensure the safety of your business with 100% hack-free servers and earn without any hassle.


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