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Founded and enriched by ex-pats, Knowledge Base Now is a platform based in the Netherlands but providing services all over the world. Our objective is to enlighten curious minds with knowledge through blogs and articles on varied and trending subjects and promote products and services to contribute to the profitability of companies.

The portal features articles on key aspects of everyone’s personal and professional life – Education & Career, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Business & Finance, Food, and Sports. We focus on trendsetters and trending topics that will not only unlatch an ocean of knowledge, now, right here but quench the thirst for the information you intend to derive.

Knowledge Base Now is a part of the mother company Prismatix Consultancy Services that promotes business for prominent clients. We also specialize in finding appropriate IT-based jobs for aspirants at prismatixrecruitment.eu. Who assist job seekers in the Netherlands to reach out to their dream jobs in IT. While being a visitor at our website, you are received and walked through the path of knowledge and business.

Come, be a part of Knowledge Base Now – explore the world of immense knowledge and climb to the zenith of success.